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What she didn't expect was for him to pull an even bigger surprise!

Updated: Jan 15

"How do you know when you've found the one?"

The question as old as time; with the answer that only those who have found true love will understand "you just know". Beverly thought she was walking the love of her life to the most extravagant 30th birthday party she had secretly planned for him. What she didn't plan for was for Tanwani to pull an even bigger surprise and simultaneously plan a proposal.

A surprise proposal captured by Loverzdo Weddings in Campbell, Ca
Surprise Proposal captured by Loverzdo Weddings in Campbell, CA

Surprise proposal captured at Double Tree Campbell by Loverzdo Weddings.

As Beverly led Tanwani by the hand and blindfolded to the doors that she thought held a secret 30th birthday party and all of their friends and family eagerly waiting to shout in surprise for his birthday; she was quickly met with an even bigger surprise.

Bright LED sign that read; "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

As she opened the doors she immediately saw a romantic display of red roses, dozens of long tapered candles and a bright LED sign that read; "WILL YOU MARRY ME?".

Now it was Tanwani's turn to lead Beverly by the hand to the altar he secretly planned all along with the help of his family to propose to the love of his life, Bev.

You just know - as he got down on his knee to propose

"From the day that I met you; my life changed" he began to share with her in front of their guests about his love for her and how he's realized that she is 'the one'.

"You've made me feel things I've never felt before and that's how I know you're a piece of me and I'm a piece of you... will you marry me?"

View their highlight video just added to our site below!

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Videography: @loverzdo

Event space: @doubletreecampbell

Bouquet: @ambouquets


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